1. Whatever Truthful Understanding

  2. The Adventures of Mabel & Carter
    Betty Benedeadly

  3. 2021 DESERT RECORDS Label Sampler

  4. In the Throes of Madness
    Grim Earth

  5. Dawson Cemetery
    The Gral Brothers

  6. Devillusion
    The Misery Men

  7. Why We Never Die
    The Angelus

  8. Fathoms

  9. Death By Design

  10. Elle, De La Mer
    L'uomo Nero

  11. 3
    Red Beard Wall

  12. Legends of the Desert: Volume 2 THE PENITENT MAN & CORTÉGE
    The Penitent Man & Cortége

  13. Darkness Falls
    Doors To No Where

  14. Of Things Worse To Come

  15. Occult New Age
    Book of Wyrms

  16. Spliffripper

  17. From the Mesa
    Betty Benedeadly

  18. Chasing Daylight

  19. One Inch Thumb
    Salt Flat

  20. Primeval Transmissions

  21. The Inexplicable Vibrations of Frequencies Within the Cosmic Netherworld
    Stone Machine Electric

  22. Until It All Collides: The Nightmare Versions
    When the Deadbolt Breaks

  23. Andiamo Nel Deserto
    L'uomo Nero

  24. A Grim Reminder

  25. Legends of the Desert: Volume 1 PALEHORSE/PALERIDER & LORD BUFFALO
    Palehorse/Palerider & Lord Buffalo

  26. The Path to the Deathless
    Red Mesa

  27. Whole Horse Both Barrels

  28. Women of Doom
    Various Artists

  29. Caravan East
    The Gral Brothers

  30. Blud
    Nebula Drag

  31. Stash Of The Damned EP
    Grim Earth

  32. The Land of Enstrangement: Volume 2

  33. The Land of Enstrangement: Volume 1

  34. Volume: 1
    The Horned God

  35. Angels are weeping... God has abandoned...
    When the Deadbolt Breaks

  36. The Devil and The Desert
    Red Mesa


Desert Records Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM record label focusing on Desert Rock, Doom Metal, Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Metal, and Experimental music.

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